June 27, 2008

Sparkle WOW!

Today, I call my Mom to ask her about getting the film
off of my drinking glasses. I was told to use baking soda.
That made them worse!
My sister in law Kristie answered the phone,
so I asked her, she said that she uses vinegar.
Ask mom too if she had any ideas. She agreed with Kristie.
So, I tried it.
Let me tell you, the glasses did not only sparkle,
they squeaked!
The build up firm you get on those plastic container
for packing things for lunch.
And then I tried washing a small votive glass
that had some remaining pieces of candle wax.
It cut right though it.
that for when I burn Christmas candle.
And lastly, All the dishes air dried faster then ever.
I usually towel dry them.
But there was NO need!
Thanks Ladies!
Today: Red

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