July 15, 2008

A Deep Subject....

My neighbor across the hall knocked on the door tonight.
She said her bathroom floor was flooded, but it's stop right now!
But, I can't use the bathroom to get ready
for work tomorrow morning.
She said she called the landlord, but he was not home.
So, she asked me if I had the maintenance man's number.
So she called him, luckily he was home
and said he would right over.
In the meantime, I went over to see what was going on.
It seemed that the hose to fill the bowl was off
and filling the tank to over flowing.
I Am NOT A Handyman At ALL!
But I reattached the hose and covered the two holes
that were in the hose with two band aids,
that was the only thing I could think
of to cover the leaks and still keep the water from leaking out.
I said to my neighbor, I doubt if the maintenance man
can get a new part tonight. The maintenance man arrived
just as I was finishing my quick fix job.
He said he thought he may something in the truck,
so I left and told my neighbor to let me know
if she needed thing else to come over.
Today: Orange

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