July 26, 2008

Remebering too..

Ester Ruppert
( My Grandmother)
And she requested when we prayed
at her house on holidays gatherings.
"May the souls of the faithfully departed, rest in peace. AMEN"
But, why do we have to learn this little end to our dinner prayer?
The answer was always the same.
"My parents made me learn it ,
to remember our deceased family members."
O.K. we kids would grumble.
"So, you better says it when I'm gone"
she added frankly!
Then we eat our Holiday dinner.

She also said her German parents would say at meal time in their heavy German accents: "Betty Franz" which she took to mean, some thing like: "Bless this food". Years later after her death, I was at an old catholic church in Cincinnati, they still say the 9:00 a.m. Mass in German. As I was looking at all the beautiful stain glass windows in the church, I saw written in German the phrase "Bitt fur uns", now having learned some German in high school. I just thought to myself this is a phase we say a lot it just means "Pray for us" which we say in many prayers.

That's when it hit!

"Betty Franz", was of course "Bitt fur uns"


So, with all this questioning of Grandma, why do we have to say this or that? She was just trying to follow what she had been taught growing up. Not always truly knowing herself what every phrase meant. I am sure she was just doing what she knew from her parents was the right thing to do.

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