October 5, 2008

Germany Calling...

Richy called from Germany to say "Hello"
and to ask how things were going with my MS.
I go tomorrow for blood work and have a physical on Thursday.
So, we will see what the doctor says.
He asked if I knew who I was going to vote for as president.
I said at this time, I have NO idea!
He said that he thinks this is going to be a very difficult decision. He said that they too are feeling the weak American economy in Europe.
I also, told him that the company I work for was sold to an Indian Company. He asked about changes at work and I said last week they Hire and Fired and Moved a lot of our corporate personal. There was a Company wide Manager's meeting last week. That seemed to let the stores know more about the new direction and product selection and advertising.
It is almost time for Christmas selling and we are hoping to see the NEW items for the holiday season. So, it time get things settled here at home from moving and get ready for longer hours at work. So, I better get stated! I have been feeling tired all this week, so let's just say this as just been a
Week: Green

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