March 6, 2009


Trend report: Beer Cocktails
New drinks with a hoppy twist!
By Alexandra Le Tellier
Metromix, February 4, 2009
Up north in San Francisco, there's a surprising new trend brewing: beer cocktails. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, it's not boilermakers (a shot of whiskey is dropped into a pint of beer) or Shandy's (the Brits' beer-spiked lemonade or ginger ale) that are all the rage.
(Photo: Aimee Brodeur)
A new wave of refined cocktails use beer as an ingredient in place of Champagne or soda water for an unexpected kick. Why aren't we seeing these innovative concoctions around our L.A.? It's not that bartenders aren't hip to the trend—the drinks just aren't offered on many cocktail lists. Ask for Nick Lam at Saint Felix in West Hollywood and he'll make you his off-the-menu signature beer cocktail, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a hefeweizen treat mixed with Hendrick's gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and fresh lime and mandarin juice. Say that three times!
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