June 11, 2009

A Blessed Gift of Healing

I received a very special gift
from a very special couple.
Dick and Bonnie Askins

It is a prayer shawl!
They were dedicated on 06/07/2009
The prayer shawls will be given to Mark, Nettie, and Sue.

Patoral Prayer: Gracious, loving , and healing God, bless this shawl that it might be tangible evidence of the love and prayers of this congregation...

Congregation: Bless the ones who will receive this shawl. Give them comfort, peace, healing and strength. Remind them that they are loved and never forgotten. We ask your blessing on all who are lonely, sick, and suffering. In the name of Jesus Christ, the gentle healer. Amen

Rev. Dr. Larry A. Grunden, Pastor of St John's United Church of Christ, Germantown, Ohio.

Today: Red

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