September 15, 2009

For Ed!

Your Gift!
In Ten Easy Steps:
Step One:
Click on above image to make it the correct size.
Step Two:
Print the enlarged image. (use highest print setting)
Step Three:
Carefully cut along edges of the image.
(make several copies in case you mess one up when cutting)
Step Four:
Place all cut images in wallet.
Step Five:
Make reservations at a nice restaurant.
Step Six:
Tell the waiter it is your Birthday!
Step Seven:
Order whatever you want on the menu!
Step Eight:
Treat yourself to dessert!
Step Nine:
When check comes, give ALL the copied images to the waiter.
Step Ten:
Tell the waiter to keep all the copies,
they were sent to me in an e-mail
from a relative for my Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Today: Green

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