January 17, 2010

Share'n Fruit

Yesterday Eric and Mom went to Jungle Jim's Supermarket.
They found a fruit that they were unfamiliar
with and shared it me last night.

It name is called Sharon Fruit, which is grown in Israel.
It tasted to me like a sweeter mango with a smoother texture flesh.

The Fruit grows on the Sharon Plain the northern half
of the coastal plain of Israel.
The Plain lies between the Mediterranean Sea to the west
and the Samarian Hills.
Thus, giving this Fruit (Berry) it unique name.

Fruit of trees of the genus Diospyros in the ebony wood family.
The word Diospyros means "the fruit of the gods"in ancient Greek.
The fruit is generally light yellow-orange
to dark red-orange in color,
and depending on the species, vary in size (0.5 to 4 in) diameter,
and may be spherical, acorn-, or pumpkin-shaped.
The leaves often remains attached to the fruit after harvesting,
but becomes easier to remove as it ripens.
They are high in glucose,with a balanced protein profile,
and possess various medicinal and chemical uses.
Today: Blue

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