January 25, 2010

Where is your Tupperware?

I was talking to a friend after Church yesterday
and a young man came up to my friend and said:
"Thank You, Here is your Tupperware Bowl", smiled and left.
The friend look at the bowl, and remarked:
"That's Where You Have Been!"
I ask if she had a name sticker on the bowls?
She said, "NO!"
"I always forgets to put it on
after making the dish inside the bowl."
"If I remember to label the bowl before making the dish,
I'm afraid it will NOT survive MY cooking process!"
I use my Grandmother's Theory.
At the beginning of each year,
I organize ALL my Tupperware Bowls.
If I find I am missing some dish size I had, I make a list.
The Next time I am shopping, I buy the missing items on the list.
Her Grandmother rationalized
that every time she made some dish for a friend
she would deliver it in one of her Tupperware Bowls.
At the End of the year,
she realizied that she had very little Tupperware left.
But, that made her smile, thinking of all of her friends.
So, I try to think like my grandmother,
If my cabinets are full of Tupperware I need to think
more about what I am doing to help my friends.
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