February 12, 2010

Heuga dies 46 years to the day.....

The 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria
Men's Slalom Downhill Alpine Skiing Winners:
Billy Kidd(S), Josef"Pepi"Stiegler(G), Jimmy Heuga(B)

In 1984, he founded the Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis,

to promote an alternative lifestyle for those with the disease. Now known as Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, the organization,with headquarters in Edwards, Colo., runs educational programs for 10,000 or more people annually.

Heuga founded the center “to challenge the conventional medical opinion of the time, and share his program of physical activity, goal-setting and psychological motivation that improved his physical condition and outlook on life and M.S.,”

Heuga died 46 years to the day after his Olympic triumph.

Billy Kidd arrived at his side just minutes after his death. The Austrian who won the slalom gold medal in 1964, Josef“Pepi”Stiegler, was found to have multiple sclerosis in 1995.

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